Safety With Brazilian and Keratin Smoothing Treatments

Keratin and smoothing treatments such as Brazilian Blowout, Global Keratin, and Keratin Complex have garnered attention and even controversy over their ingredients.  It is important to take precautions when using products which are known or suspected to have harmful side effects.

What you see and read about here is the HealthyAir® Chemical Source Capture System from Aerovex, used by Brazilian Blowout and Keratin Treatment Specialist Jordana Lorraine in Marina Del Rey (Los Angeles) California, which was designed specifically for use with formaldehyde and related chemicals in hair treatments.  The Aerovex system is backed by all founding members of the Professional Keratin Smoothing Council, as it meets or exceeds the filtration outlined in the Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) for these treatments.

Proper training and use of the product are also key in keeping the salon environment safe!  Jordana has taken and continues to take the highest levels of training offered by each manufacturer whose products she uses.

Modern Salon Magazine
See Jordana in Modern Salon magazine, discussing salon safety and the use of Aerovex Systems’ air filtration (p.78-79)

“While these treatments are in high demand and give brilliant results, it is important to respect the need for clean, safe air within the breathing zone of the stylists and clients at the styling station, and throughout the salon. I’m proud to say that I have been using Aerovex Systems’ filtration products since 2009, for your safety and mine.

– Jordana Lorraine


For the safety and comfort of her clients, her associates, and herself, expert Jordana Lorraine uses a three-tier filtration system with all smoothing treatments offered in her suite. Tier One: capturing and filtering fumes at the source. Tier Two: filtering the air throughout her suite. Tier Three: Exhaust that draws air out of the suite, and does not cross-ventilate with others.

Why are these measures necessary?

Jordana is concerned for the comfort and safety of her clients, her associates, and herself. And since the treatments are not recommended for pregnant or nursing women, Jordana questioned if it was advisable for them to be nearby a treatment and breathe the affected air.  The chemical source capture system shown here, in combination with the room air purifier with the same technology, and an overhead exhaust system, cleans and circulates air during hair smoothing services.

Why don’t more salons have systems like this?

It’s hard to say why salons would overlook the accessible opportunity to protect both staff and clients!  Many just may not have done enough research on the options available.  All smoothing and keratin treatment companies warn in their SDSs that stylists must use their products in a “well ventilated area.”  Some salons try to get by with opening windows or using fans, ionizers or air purifiers.  But fans just move the air around and purifiers are generally not strong enough for the these types of chemicals and/or the size of the salon.  While beautiful hair is a priority in Jordana’s suite, so are health and safety.

Is it dangerous to have the treatment without this accommodation?

OSHA and the FDA have investigated the processes and the safest ways to perform them.  As mentioned above, the products’ safety information guidelines state that appropriate ventilation must be used; many keratin treatment companies have backed and recommended the Chemical Source Capture System from Aerovex.  Ask your salon what measures they are taking to protect you!

Jordana wants to provide the safest and most comfortable environment while offering these very popular services.

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